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2-11-2010 6:13 pm
nTYREE: Zombie Comic, maybe
So I wrote this zombie novel. It is called How to Make Love Like a Zombie (fun title, no?) It’s good fun: lots of gore, people on the run, a bit of political satire, some zombie sex and everything else you could want. A few hundred people have bought it. I keep thinking that it would make a good comic strip, but I cannot draw. Can you? Wanna make a graphic novel or web comic with zombies and sex? Let me know. I’ll send you a copy of the book and we can get something going.

Seriously. If you’ve got the art talent you and me can do this thing. I’ll even give up top billing and a lot of creative control if you can draw the bad ass thing. Give it some thought. Let me know what you think.

Other things fill my brain.

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2-09-2010 11:35 pm
nTYREE: I feel good today
That is all

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1-27-2010 8:54 pm
nTYREE: ipad
So it's a big iPod touch, then?

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1-03-2010 9:51 pm
nTYREE: Oprah Read This
she did:

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12-04-2009 12:30 am
nTYREE: Bluebird

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