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5-02-2010 2:41 am
nTYREE: Spam
Trick With a Knife has new contributors and a lot of cool stuff. Come check us out.

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4-18-2010 11:12 pm
nTYREE: Black Coffee Press
Black Coffee Press is going to publish my poetry collection. It is called When You are Sleeping I Will Evolve into a Bird and will be out in 2012, unless the Mayan calendar weirdos are right.

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3-03-2010 9:27 pm
nTYREE: New Stuff
Terry Doss Talks about Omni Writer, we discuss Romero and Philosophy, Matt DeBenedictis talks about Sam Lypsyte, and things go crazy at Trick With a Knife. You should peep it.

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2-24-2010 12:15 am
nTYREE: Sharp
Trick with a Knife deserves your eyes.

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2-17-2010 6:33 pm
nTYREE: Do you really want that?
The new issue of Thirst for Fire has dropped. It is jam packed with crazy, weird, beautiful imaginings from some massive talents. You should take some time to fall in love with it. It will caress you, love you back, start to grow jealous of your flirtations with other magazine and then kill you.

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