Kick names, take ass.
3-06-2002 4:55 pm
dejaveux: i do this so the world will know....

im pissed. i am so sick of the people that complain everyday about others trying to change them. they should get off their fucking high horse and stop acting like its their way or no way (do they think they're god or some shit??? as if.) if someone asks my god damned opinion, damn straight im gonna give it to them. im not editing it for their sake, either. fuck that.

AND WHEN I DO GIVE MY OPINION IT DOES NOT MEAN I AM TRYING TO IMPOSE MY BELIEFS ON THEM. if they didnt want to hear they should not have asked. simple as that. WHY IS THIS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND? arg!!!!! nor does it mean my opinions will not change. I revise my beliefs EVERY DAY, upon being presented with reasonable evidence.

another thing. if i say i dont like smoking, I DONT. get the fuck over it. its a free country and i am exercising my right for free speech. and the same goes for drunk driving, picking fights, stealing, rape, and all those other sick, demented things (including STUPIDITY)!!!! this doesnt mean, however, that i dont like the person who chooses to do these things, but i do not have to be around it. and if they want to be around me they can respect my wishes for that short time, and i will do that same for them.

everyone changes... its called sociology. take the fucking class. everyone has an effect (whether good or bad) on EVERYONE else. LIVE WITH IT.

ps. i no a couple people who should definitly read this message....

Mood: I love this "VENT" site. whew- what a relief.

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2-26-2002 3:34 pm
dejaveux: ...while a thousand more go unspoken for...
i had such a great weekend. my horseshow thingy proved to be the best ever. the audience LOVED our performance. and to top it off my horse played the crowd with her little bowing thing. i think she had as much fun with it as i did. it was great

THEN.... i came back to my life. to housemates complaining and coach yelling. to money owed and work to be done. and the teachers... omg, do they ever know when to let up? Dubo especially. maybe i should just say f--- school. an old friend told me this weekend that i probably wouldnt be a vet. maybe shes right. its just a stupid dream anyhow.

Mood: well, it started out good.....

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2-13-2002 12:39 am
dejaveux: ruht roh!
oh, barret, thank you for your words of wisdom. they make me feel much better. i consider you a true friend (i hope you dont mind) anyhow todays been better than most lately. school's being a pain in my ass though. (and coach) I am very! excited for the big show next weekend. it should be a blast.

word on the street is i have a secret admirer. thats cool. i dint believe it at first. who would like me? who knows. wouldnt that be cool though if i got like a secret gift or anonymous letter???

barret, how is the site coming? do you need any help with it. just holla my way if so. btw, I have another pic or two to add if possible.

oh yeah, I still think boys are dumb.....
okay fine...MOST boys are dumb (you happy, now??)

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2-11-2002 6:57 pm
dejaveux: I'm no diamond in the rough
I lead such a boring and pathetic existance. Sometimes I wonder if I even do exist. Nobody seems to notice (or at least care) when I do something I think is worthwhile. So much for being a rare jewel. I think I'm just a rock. Woe is me.

Mood: pity party---host: ME

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2-05-2002 11:19 pm
dejaveux: boys are dumb
lets see.
well, yesterday i had a good day for the first time in a LONG time. got enough sleep, classes were easy, and when i told coach i couldn't cheer for competition finals she, surprisingly enough, took it very well. today, however, was definitely nothing to brag about. i still have a $h!t load of stuff to do and, it seems, no time to do it. i found out something that is a TOTAL turn off about this friend of mine, and really don't know what to say to him. and there's this other guy who won't leave me alone. don't get me wrong, i like being friends with him but every time he talks to me he acts like, i dunno, like he's about to propose or something. no way!!!...AND he still acts like he never said all those dumb, nasty things to/about me. i try to be civil to him, but i just can't bring myself to forgive him. i think i need boy counseling. know where i can find any?

Mood: ask again later
Music: Veggie tales

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