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2-11-2002 6:57 pm
dejaveux: I'm no diamond in the rough
I lead such a boring and pathetic existance. Sometimes I wonder if I even do exist. Nobody seems to notice (or at least care) when I do something I think is worthwhile. So much for being a rare jewel. I think I'm just a rock. Woe is me.

Mood: pity party---host: ME

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2-05-2002 11:19 pm
dejaveux: boys are dumb
lets see.
well, yesterday i had a good day for the first time in a LONG time. got enough sleep, classes were easy, and when i told coach i couldn't cheer for competition finals she, surprisingly enough, took it very well. today, however, was definitely nothing to brag about. i still have a $h!t load of stuff to do and, it seems, no time to do it. i found out something that is a TOTAL turn off about this friend of mine, and really don't know what to say to him. and there's this other guy who won't leave me alone. don't get me wrong, i like being friends with him but every time he talks to me he acts like, i dunno, like he's about to propose or something. no way!!!...AND he still acts like he never said all those dumb, nasty things to/about me. i try to be civil to him, but i just can't bring myself to forgive him. i think i need boy counseling. know where i can find any?

Mood: ask again later
Music: Veggie tales

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2-01-2002 4:15 pm
dejaveux: Youve got to take the chance, dont let it pass by...
ok, well, so far the day has been okay (besides the two tests, not enough sleep, computer lock-up---you, no, the typical) last nite was the saddle club mtg. I was temp President (fill in for my dad) AND secretary. It was cool though. cept nobody but me can read my notes, meaning I have to type the newsletter (as if I dont have enough to do already). things for me to do this week... -Get pix and sponsor stuff to pork for website -get some pics blown up -make mats for "hang-up" pix -help pam w/ horseshoe tornado -help violet with saddle pads -find back drop -finish ming's bowing training -get anthem music -get mardi gras music for work -get materials list made for equifest -copy this list -blah!!!! - I love you brandon. you are the biggest sweetheart for helping me and letting me use yer equipment (bubba too:)) I dont know what i'd do without you. I'll have to treat you to chinese one of these days. and yes it is the same person

Mood: blah blah blah
Music: im in a hurry to get things done....

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1-30-2002 6:17 pm
dejaveux: life is like a box of chocolates
i should probably do this thingy more often, since it IS "dejaveux's journal" and all.

I hope it sleets tonite. and snows. LOTS. I don't feel like getting up tm. even though i get to wear my pj's to school. I like wearing them in bed MUCH better.

I feel real not special lately. All those things in my last entry seem to be lingering. our house is a mess with all the fighting and immaturity. you would not BELIEVE the nerve of these people. and coach is on my back for EVERYTHING. school sucks. i'm starting to slack sooner than usual this semester. this one guy thinks everything should be normal and we should be friends (or more) after a HUGE!!!!! fight this fall. he called me a bunch of stuff for no reason and now that his own life is somewhat better my life should be too. jerk. this whole Equifest thingy is stressin me out too....big time. I have an endless list of stuff to do still. and with the exceptions of Sandy and my good friends brandon, dusty, and haley, no one else seems to give a rats rump about it. geeze. all of this crap it making my face "explode into monster zits" well, small monsters at least.

did you hear about that hegwald guy killing himself? harsh. i dont think i could be that extreme. im not sure hell is much better than this place. although, i don't know WHAT i'd do without dusty to lean on right now.

i went on a college visit yesterday. just to pitt though. it kind of gave me mixed feelings. made me realize how much i want to get out of here. but reminded me that i wont escape the homework (which i am MEGA struggling with right now) hopefully ksu will help me to be more motivated.

how's come my name doesn't show up on the little box on the main pg? oh well who cares

(Ed: Changed format and spacing. Hope you enjoy)

Mood: venting
Music: we gotta get outta this place, if its the last thing we ever do...

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1-23-2002 2:50 pm
dejaveux: ooooh la la!
This is pretty dang spiffy pork. Thanks for my own. hmmm. what should i write? think, think, think. Well, last week was the pits. I lost total respect for a good friend, found out a guy is cheating on a friend of mine, made a friend cry, lost my beloved puppy, and had a butt-load to do(which meant not much sleep) maybe this week will be better oh yeah, and i was totally humiliated by a guy

Mood: ho hum
Music: I will survive

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