Beowulf: B is home. The younger B is happy
Well, I'm sure he'll post on here before long but I thought those wondering masses should know that B made it home alright. Nitrus, if he hasn't called you yet I'm sure it won't be long before he does. One can only stand our mother so long.

I beleive he will be coming here to Pittsburg on Friday and sleeping here. I suppose I should try to get him out to see some of the stimulating night life here, but there's only one bar I can stand. I don't think they make their screwdrivers with Absolut tho. Disapointing. Saturday he will be joining me and several of my Taiwanese friends to celebrate the Chinese New Year. There's gonna be chinese stuff, chinese food, chinese people. Bodes to be a good time for all.

Mood: Cheers is on. And I have oolong tea. I'm rather happy
Music: Njosnavelin - Sigur Ros
Browsing: Ever wonder who Fenrir is? I did. I know, I know, I'm sad.

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