Beowulf: Singles Awareness day.
Well, here we sit, the day before another Singles Awareness day. It's such an interesting holiday to me. It's very ambivalent. I know that if I had a woman, I wouldn't have much money to spend on her so I'd be stressing about what to do and what to get her for Valentines day. That's a lot of stress I don't need. On the other hand, There's a huge part of me that seriously wants to have someone to spend that little money on and stress about. I know, this isn't anything unique to me. I just find it humorous we're such masochists that we indirectly desire the frustration associated with the opposite sex.

On a different note, my classes are going rather well. They've all been quite easy thus far. That's sure to change soon. In about a week my Java class is going to have to start actually programming our game. The only problem is that Mr. Strong hasn't actually taught us any of the language. Sure, he's talked about classes and objects and methods and all that fun crap, but we don't have a clue what commands we write to use them. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to read the book to learn.

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