Beowulf: Far, far away
Well, as all of you already know, I'm here in Alexandria visiting the brother. Right now he's being all nostalgic and stuff playing the old school Wing Commander 2. He talks to the game as though it might respond like his Unreal Tournament 2004 does. It's not working.

Just to let you know what I've done so far (like you really care), I went to the Smithsonians and looked at a new Buddha statue exhibit. Also there was an exhibit on Chinese Calligraphy and products of the Silk Road. It was all terribly fascinating.

After that I wandered down to the Lincoln Memorial. The dang thing is bloody huge. And I was dissapointed because the reflecting pool wasn't exactly reflecting. It was empty.

Following that dissapointment I wandered around a lake aiming for the Jefferson Memorial. Along the way I went on the "Cherry Blossoms Walk." I suppose this would be far more beautiful later in the year when they're blooming. I'll have to come back and see. The Delano Roosevelt memorial is actually pretty awesome as far as memeorials go.

Today I wandered around other subway stops just to see what I had missed before. Dupont Circle is an interesting place. It has lots of specialty shops. Hehe, I even went into a bookstore that had a complete bar and cafe in the back. You could buy your book,then sit and drink whatever your poison may be while reading it. Also in the actual circle at Dupont Circle they had Chess tables. Some of those homeless guys are damn good.

During this walk I discovered that testament to people's gullibility and L. Ron Hubbard's persuasive powers. Yes, I'm talking about a Church of Scientology. I hope to return and get a picture in front of it. Oh how people will beleive anything.

Finally I ended the day by traipsing about Gallery Place/Chinatown. I still didn't discover anything new about Chinatown. However, somehow I ended up finding Ford's Theater where Abe Lincoln was shot. It was more interesting than I thought it would be.

Tomorrow, B is off and we plan on sauntering over to the International Spy Museum and eating at BD's. I don't know which one I'm more excited about.

Oh yea, adn Mike's American Grill is the shiot.

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