Beowulf: Anyone here write for the WB?
Jesus Christ people, are we trying to get our own over-the-top drama on the WB? Throw in some too-beautiful-to-really-exist 20-something breakout actors and you'd have another one season hit.

Now, nitrus, put your dick back in your pants. Nobody wants to have a pissing contest with you. I know you're somewhat intelligent. Think about what it's really going to accomplish when you use someone elses password. What did you get done with this whole debacle? You figured out their passwords, added some disparaging and erroneous posts, and then admitted to acting like an ass. Did this accomplish anything aside from making everyone look at you like a dick? What were you thinking? What were you hoping would happen? I don't understand why you would do something stupid like this.

And please, feel free to get my password and screw with my journal. But at least make it funny if you do. And keep in mind that I can do the exact same thing to your journal.

Anyway, I have a new monitor. It's pretty, oh so pretty. It's much better than the dying peice of crap I had before. It also looks wider than normal monitors. Maybe it's not and my eyes are just playing tricks on me.

Mood: Ugh. Why nitrus, why?

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