Beowulf: Back to School
Well, today was my first day back to school. Oh what fun it is. I get to see people I haven't seen all summer, I have new paper and pencils, I have yet to need to buy a single textbook, and there are so many lovely new faces on campus this semester.

In my last class of the day today, I had to sign something like a security agreement. It's a new class, offered for the first time this semester. It covers many different aspects of computer security. But, of course, they can't teach us how to protect our computers if we don't know how they're going to be invaded and attacked. So apparently we get to learn some of that fun stuff too. The agreement was simply some ethical thing saying that we won't use our knowledge for evil while within the confines of the educational institute.

Nathan, I went to Hastings a few days ago and saw your book. Should I call it a book or should I call it thick pamphlet? heh. I didn't buy it tho. I thought I would wait for Sunday and let you sign a copy. What time are you going to be there anyway?

I was looking at the classes I need to take next semester. I only need 11 hours to graduate. Just 11. That means I'm going to have to throw on another whole class just to be a full-time student. I'll have to find some class that interests me but is an easy A. Any suggestions?

Anyway, that's far more than anyone of you really wanted to hear about me.

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