Beowulf: Come, and passed
Alas, yet another Singles Awareness Day has come and passed. I had a cupcake today. It was pink. I generally stay away from pink things, but it was free and I was hungry. It was suprisingly good.

So, for a Software Engineering project our team decided to program Yahtzee. I turned out to be the best programmer in the group (which is very, very sad considering how much I lack programming skills). I thought in keeping with the industry I should outsource the coding to some nice Indian guy on campus. However, I didn't have any takers so I've begun the coding on my own. Well, I guess not exactly on my own. B is probably getting really annoyed with how much I bother him with questions while I'm coding. But he acts very patient with me. It's good to have a brother who's nearly a coding savant.

Anyway, another long day of classes and tutoring tomorrow. Oh yea, the poor underclassmen must come to me if they want help on programming assignments. I can teach them bad coding techniques. I can crush their hopeful little spirits by making things way to damn complicated. But I won't. It takes too much time and I don't like to work with them that much.

Adios all

Mood: Allegedly happy, but we're waiting on the Jury
Music: Sigur Ros

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