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6-05-2007 5:20 am
rainbow: Seperation Anxiety
Brandon and I are seperated. Have been since about mid march. Hes up in Idaho staying with a friend, ive moved back to Kansas and am currently staying at my moms place helping take care of grandma and the foster kids. Divorce will be going through sometime before the summer is over. Direct any questions to him, that way he cant say I am making him out to being a bad person or not telling his side.

Thank you for your support these last 5-9 years.



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12-21-2005 7:22 am
rainbow: Meditation
Im trying to learn how to meditate, I hear its a good thing to do. Who ever would have realized it would be so hard? I have 3 how to guides on how to do it, and i still cant figure it out. It tells you to take slow deep breaths, but whats a slow deep breath? how slow is slow? Whats considered deep? maybe you can begin to see why im having problems...we wont even go into the posture issue........

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2-18-2005 11:32 am
rainbow: When I Post
Have you noticed, i seem to post early morning, after I havent slept. I purposely did not sleep tonight becuase I have to work night shift rest of the week. BUT its 7am now, I should be sleepy, im not. Plus Id have to fight B for blankets. Ill just wait till he gets up for work and go to bed then. Its quieter and the bed is already warm. Good plan.

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1-25-2005 9:59 pm
rainbow: la la la
*pretend moons the people of vent*
naner naner boo boo!

I love world of warcraft, if only i could get paid to play it and not have to go to work. Yah, so what if im addicted? I happy and im not hurting anyone else. Although i guess you could say im bad because at least drug addicts are helping out the economy by spending money. But i make and spend pretend money in my game. I think i will retire from this IRL for awhile and go pick herbs and enchant crap. Someday I will have real skillz and people will come from far and wide to have me practice on them.

Mood: Happy

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1-16-2005 4:48 am
rainbow: Im going on vacation!
Yippie! Yes I am at work now, but I will be leaving to go back to florida on tuesday. So I have that to look forward too. Its a pain to get b to do his homework, but ive finally found a good way to pursueade them. If only work didnt interfere with World Of Warcraft, the best game ever, even worth paying for. Yes, so what if ive logged 27+ hours in less than a week, some days i dont have to work, and you dont *really* need sleep to survive. Come visit me on earthen ring and I will make b give you money!

Mood: Tired of being at work

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