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7-16-2004 2:23 am
rainbow: Wow
Well first off, it looks like im going back to my old job. Its more database-centric and will be better in the long run. Second off, that fight was funny. You are all sillies. Please grow up, or get puppies. I like puppies. My head hurts. Family is intresting. N00B!


Mood: Headachy
Music: Chirrup of Crickets

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5-31-2004 7:21 pm
rainbow: Boredom
As a result of boredom, i compiled the house pictures and put them in a simple, but effective web format.

For your enjoyment House

B needs to get home soon, im bored.

Mood: bored
Music: The hum of the computer
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5-16-2004 3:23 pm
rainbow: Packing Sucks
Ok, so we almost have a house. We still have to go through the inspection and stuff, but if all goes well we get to move in mid june. Well im starting to pack now, i figure with a month to pack, i can get a good way into it. Only problem is we have TOO MUCH STUFF! If you want stuff let me know. We have 4 freakin sets of dishes. How in the heck did we get 4 sets? B says i should just get rid of my books, but books are like air, without them i will expire. Im willing to get away all of b's games and consoles, but dont let him know if ur the lucky recepient. He doesnt need stuff, just a PC, caffiene and sugar. Clothes? Anybody need clothes? Shoes that have never been worn? We need to have a yard sale or somthing, im not moving all this stuff.

Rant complete, back to packing.

Mood: Annoyed
Music: bizounce - oliva

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2-19-2004 6:44 pm
rainbow: Obviousness
Headline for Today:

Traffic tie-ups worsen, study finds.

They paid money to people to find out if traffic is getting worse? How pelicular. I wonder if they will pay me to just sit in my house to find out if im going to get older as time passes.

Mood: Sleepy
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2-06-2004 1:03 am
rainbow: Happy Birthday Fuzmeister
Happy birthday. Your birthday card is on B's computer table waiting to be filled out. But dont feel bad, b was doing somthing very important that he couldnt take the time to send you a card. He was busy playing grand theft auto vice city.

I wish you a happy birthday tho.

Mood: congested

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