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10-30-2004 1:17 pm
boat: good and bad
well, this has been and interesting month to say the least. it all started with kristyn and i seperating, then kinda getting back together, then completly seperating, now we are just in relationship limbo (or hell), whatever you want to call it. but on the good side, i'm about to get my first bonus from b&w end of next month, estimated to be in the four digit range, and i'm leaving in a little bit to go get my new puppy. yes, it's a little lap dog known as a german sheppard, 4 months old, and registered. and yes pork, it's gonna be a house dog. give me a call or somethin, it's been awhile.

Mood: hmmm

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8-27-2004 9:31 pm
boat: keeping in touch
whats up people? i've finally got everything moved into my new house, and have come to the decision that i have way too much crap. Pork, havn't heard from ya in awhile. let me know when your coming back. we can do..stuff. Brent, give me a call if you read this this weekend. your the only one who will go see the AVP movie with me and it leaves Iola on Sep. 2 and the only time i can see it is either tommorow or sunday. i'll give you a little somethin for gas if you a dollar or maybe two.

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7-24-2004 10:48 pm
did i miss something? i can feel the love flow here. hey pork, how are things? i have decided that i'd follow in your footsteps and buy me a house too. it's in humboldt, so when you come back, you need to stop by and see it.

Mood: good
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2-18-2004 2:20 am
boat: note to bubba and pork
what's up people? nothing really exciting happing here. brent, i need you to call me or something, i've lost your number, so i can't call you....and i'm too scared to call your parents and ask for it. pork, whats goin on? havn't heard from ya in awhile. i lost your number too, and i'm not calling your parents either.....they scare me. oh wait, you have the same parents.......poor souls.

Mood: good

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2-04-2004 9:43 pm
boat: selling and buying
i have done nothing all week...except going to work. i have found that all the things i once enjoyed doing are just boring now. except for my constant star wars collecting. which reminds me, have you seen any of the unleashed figures pork? i missing some still, and can't find them any where, and i really don't want to get them from e-bay. if you do know where some are, could you hook me up?
i havn't bought any cards in over four or five months really. any kind of, baseball, any. well, i bought one pack a week ago just to see if it still interested me, and i didn't. i need to sell all mine....
well, most of them anyway.

Mood: hungry

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