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6-06-2003 2:30 am
boat: where did metallica go?
i just acquired my copy of the new metallica cd yesterday......i've been a 'tallica fan for about six of seven close friends say that i am addicted to them.....after listening to this new cd that i have been waiting a couple years for.....i am VERY disapointed. it flat out sucked!!!! one decient song on the whole cd...thats it, just one. they sounded like a two-bit garage band that have been playing for about two months before recording this thing. i'm heart broken and ashamed to call myself a fan after hearing it. i never thought the day would come. i don't know who the hell is singing and playing on this cd, but it sure isn't metallica.

Mood: disapointed to say the least
Music: HA!!!! if you call it music.

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2-25-2003 10:21 pm
boat: moving sucks
moving sucks!! work sucks!! not having money sucks!! okay, i'm done crying now. i'm STILL not done moving yet....i have too much crap!!! you thought you had crap pork, no, I have the crap. my god, it's amazing how much crap a guy can acumulate in four years of living in a little shack. snow sucks too, we've had about 6" yesterday, and supposed to have another 3" tonight.....ugh!!!!! thats like..almost a foot of snow in two days....blah!!! other than that, life is pretty okay.

Mood: not to bad

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2-14-2003 11:49 am
boat: useless holidays and moving
Happy holiday that had to of been invented by women!! yes, once again, it's that time of year when that "special someone," or your mother, which ever comes first, takes 90% of your paycheck just so you can prove that you love her. ah, the pleasures of being in love..... anyway, in other news, i'm moving today...yes pork, i'm outta the shack. moving to a house in chanute. yes i'm still renting, but belive it or not, the house rent is CHEAPER than the shack rent!!!! oh happy day. hey pork, just an idea....WRITE OR CALL ME SOME TIME!!! It's like been two months now...i'd like to know that your still alive. miss ya'all.

Mood: great
Music: none

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1-29-2003 9:51 pm
boat: update on the life of Farmer
i am in high spirits as of late.... my team won the super bowl this past sunday...BUCS RULE!! and to top it all off, my ex-girlfriend finally got married and is moving to florida......which means i will never see her again......words cannot describe the pure joy and happiness that is within me. it looks like i might be able to go back to school this next semister after a five year break. and things between kristyn and i are great. we've been seeing each other for five months now, and are planning on getting married in the next couple years. i'm in no hurry, thats why it's years and not months. other than not hearing from a certain friend in awhile, i wont mention any names...BRANDON....., things are going great.

Mood: hungry
Music: stomach tones

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12-03-2002 12:17 am
boat: BLAH!!!!!!
yep, it was yet another pointless holiday with the Farmer family. we couldn't go to my grandparents in missouri, so i had to sit in a nursing home with the most screwed up family in the whole state for about two or three hours....oh, the joy that is thanksgiving. on another bright note, kristyns parents all the sudden, decide that they don't like the idea of us dateing, so they are doing all they can to keep us's not working very much, but it's working just enough to piss me off. oh well, we were ment to be together, so this isn't gonna stop us.

Mood: blah!!!
Music: always- salyva

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