Kick names, take ass.
2-03-2004 10:14 pm
boat: beowulf....SUP!!?? Porkey...Sup?
my God man, it's not like I died..! I am beyond pissed that you saw the sound and the fury without me....okay, i'm over it. did you happen to get a CD? if so, for the love of God, and life itself, get me one or copy it, if it has Armageddens parade on it. and yes, i will have to come visit you sometime, i just forgot where in the hell your house was!
Pork, i was just kidding, i'm not too terribly upset...well, i'm not upset at all, i'm just hangin' the pooh on ya. i know your busy....or somethin'. i'll get in touch with the two of you guys sometime...before i die...or somethin'.

Mood: great
Music: nickleback

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1-31-2004 2:19 am
boat: nothing important
so it's been a month or so. i got my jedi acadamy game...and beat it. i've finally been transfered to a defferant dept. at work, then i hurt my back. havn't heard from some of my friends in awhile, but thats okay. work and kristyn have been keeping me busy. my car is on it's last leg and i got another ticket...yes thats number 33 or is it 34?!, hell, who keeps count anyway. well, stuff to do, and people to see.

Mood: who knows, who cares

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12-05-2003 10:06 pm
boat: update on the life of Farmer
life has been pretty dull as of late. my job still sucks, and it dosn't show any signs of getting better. thanksgiving wasn't much of a day, it was spent with my parents and my grandmother...kristyn was in arizona, so i did absolutly nothing. my b-day is coming up in a few days, and people just seem to enjoy reminding me of the fact that i'll be offically old, not saying any names (kristyn). the only good thing happening this month is that we are going to my grandparents in missouri this year. i havn't seen them in awhile. when are you coming home next pork? travis is coming home for x-mas, you should come see him. we could hang and stuff.

Mood: tired
Music: trans-siberian orchestra

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9-22-2003 8:57 pm
boat: bummer
well, i took a little trip to bartlesville, ok. this weekend to celebrate the one year anniversary of kristyn and i dateing. we went to the lovely mall there and looked around at stuff. i was amazed that i hadn't found anything i really wanted....untill we came to the electronics boutique (sp?). there it was....jedi outcast III, jedi acadamy. i cried....yes, i know, it's not good to get emotional over games but...i couldn't help it because i knew that i couldn't afford it....the story of my life. but i will have it, oh yes, i will have it.

Mood: not to bad
Music: none

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6-13-2003 10:13 pm
boat: music
after my tragic encounter with the metallica cd ( i tried to let it grow on me, i really did, but it just isn't gonna happen) i've found that there are some other decent bands that i have either over looked or just plain didn't listen to that much, that are really good, and fill the void left by the boys. evenescence (probably misspelled) is a very good jamming band. i really enjoy listening to them, and i have "rediscovered" matchbox 20. it's been awhile since i've listened to them, but "bed of lies" still gives me goosebumps and "unwell" is the perfect chillin' song. anyway, thats my mindless ramble for the month

Mood: not to bad

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