fuzmeister: Virginia Tech Shooting
Andy Woodward is my buddy from way back in high school and the current musician for S+F Software. He resides in Blacksburg, Virginia where he plays music with Vibenoodle.

Today, yet another senseless tragedy has struck part of the nation not even a year after the Amish school shooting. I don't understand how this stuff keeps happening in our world. Are we trained in today's society to be such animals? The level of senselessness in today's society hurts me. I don't understand why people can't just be good to one another. Perhaps because of my personal ties to both incidents, I am more aware or shocked. I think it reality it's been like this for years - too long either way. In all honesty, I know this isn't the last time this will happen in our country. I only wonder why it happens and when it will stop.

Mood: Sad
Music: Pearl Jam - Parachutes

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