fuzmeister: Consolidating to (the) Steam (Deck)
In what may be a foolish endeavor, I decided last year to attempt to consolidate my personal library of games to the Steam ecosystem (where plausible).

What this boils down to is trying to sell my "gently-used" video games through craigslist, f***book marketplace, and the like... then I repurchase those games on Steam during one of the famous Steam sales for next to nothing. Yes, see, I said it may be a foolish endeavor... the good news is, thus far, the value of the games I've sold outweighs what it costs to purchase them at a hefty discount during a Steam sale.

While I appreciate owning physical media, video games haven't even included instruction booklets in over a decade now - that's a damn shame, but it really makes owning most non-exclusive games on a platform outside of PC seem worthless. Also, it's worth noting that Valve has delivered on the promise of a console-like experience with SteamOS on the SteamDeck... provided a given developer has implemented SteamCloud support for saves, it's great to be able to just pick up a game on any of my PCs or SteamDeck and resume progress.

And now - with even Sony publishing some previously-exclusive titles on PC the past few years, it seems like a no brainer to clean house and avoid future disc rot, low-ball offers, etc. Good old Nintendo will probably not follow that behavior, so I'll at least be hanging onto first-party Switch games (for now).

What might be fun (or depressing) is to report back at the end of '24 with the current state of my physical collection. I can't say I'm a huge fan of an all-digital future, but when the incentive to purchase a product physically can't outweigh buying it digitally, what are you going to do?

Restricted ownership at fantastic prices - I'll embrace that (for now).

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