Ian: Installing Ventilation
I thought the extracted php files looked odd. No text formatting and lots of wierd little squares - typical of php or cgi files that have been uploaded in binary instead of ASCII. Being a glutton for punishment I uploaded to my server, and the installation routine was a wiz! Unfortunately no one can log on. Humphhh BRAINWAVE! Opened each of the php files in Dreamweaver UltraDev and immediately resaved. Smart little proggy - removed the glyphs and formatted the text nicely. :) Deleted original sql dbase and all files. Uploaded again, ran install, but now setup reports an invalid syntax during install... Humphhhhh Deleted all the files. Loaded the corrupt files and ran install. Uploaded Dreamweavers modified files... Still can't log on :( Decided to send en email to the creator and await reply... But seriously, this package is awsome! I've had a look at the competition, and this just looks and feels the part.

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