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3-19-2003 3:30 pm
JesusFreak: Umm....yeah
SO I am here, Spring break next week..yay...
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3-14-2003 1:05 pm
JesusFreak: I can see clearly now the rain is gone....
Alright,I worked things out with THAT PERSON and it turns out that he really didn't even know I was upset.... I HATE BEING FEMALE!!! We always over react and do stupid stuff like that. I've spent the most of the week in the Infirmiry cause my stomachaches have started again. They have no idea what they are doing... one day it this drug, then its this drug...I hate taking medicine and they keep making it worse by pushing on me and

But, its cool...cause by summer it'll be over he said..THANK GOD! I'm saying a prayer for Steve.. hopefully, he can find a way to focus that anger...

Everyone have an excellent weekend!

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3-12-2003 6:34 pm
JesusFreak: So..yeah I blew it again....
Yep... I've done it again... I am such an IDIOT to think that it would ever happen... I am like the expert on scaring guys away, I love it. I'm serious... I get close to a guy and then the INSTANT I think it may just turn onto something.. I smother it. Oops.. I said too much...

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3-10-2003 1:20 pm
JesusFreak: Its been awhile
So...its been a while since I wrote I thought you'd like to know that I am alive and fairly well. Been pretty busy hanging out with my new buddy Matt and pretty much working and attempting to eat.. its been a struggle for me but otherwise things are going... yepper.... well...eveyone have a great week and stuff! TTYL!

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2-28-2003 7:41 pm
JesusFreak: Calgone
This week was probably the worst ever... I am fasting today and hanging out with my youth group and another church tonite and tomorrow, so I really pray that that will make me feel better.. I really dislike being depressed in a sort! Hope that you all have a great weekend! See ya Monday! Luv ya's!

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