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11-16-2002 12:30 am
miri: Going through what motions?

Which Buffy Musical Song Are You?

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Interesting, because it's true that depression is the only thing I can feel right now. But what motions am I going through? It seems to me that I've always been depressed and haven't quite had the strength, or maybe haven't cared enough, to pretend to be happy.

Of course that could be totally wrong. I haven't had anyone tell me I'm a miserable, depressed bipolar that rarely has a manic episode and is basically no fun to be around. They just all think I'm a bitch.

Mood: Depressed...
Music: Enya - Bodicea

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11-06-2002 3:05 am
miri: Legal Department
There should be a law against making people get out of bed if they don't want to. Some kind of undue stress type thing.

Hell, half the world is involved in some ridiculous civil lawsuit these days anyway. This society has become so incredibly litigious.

You step on my foot, I take you to court.

America's motto.

I'm tired.

Mood: Exhausted
Music: Joni Mitchell - California

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10-31-2002 3:32 am
miri: Lovely
A new place to spew forth unintelligible crap.

Aren't you glad I finally remembered I have some webspace on 7sc?

Do I have anything interesting to say? That depends on what you would define as interesting.

I have been in a severely depressed state for the past few months. I don't seem to be coming out of it. Maybe when I'm done with this semester. I decided to kill myself with school this time, and be able to graduate in April. And I work full time. You do the math.

Speaking of which, I'm not entirely sure I will be passing Trig. It's tough. Dumbass colleges make you take Trig. As if Algebra weren't enough. It only took me TWO tries to pass MAT1033.


Mood: Uhhh.... depressed....
Music: Verve Pipe - Freshman
Browsing: Really badly written Roswell porn here.

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