Kick names, take ass.

11-17-2005 3:09 am
Thr4ll: Hooray!
Take a miracle, doust it with pleading, add a few cups of hustling, 6oz of ass-kissing, half a dozen firey hoops, and half a stick of threats, let simmer for 7 hours; and you have my day. Today, through some of my patented magiks as well pure goddamn luck, I have registered for all my Spring 2006 classes without having to go through the dreadful and often deadly permit process. Now, to tackle that parking permit...


Mood: And the Lord sayeth, "Whoops! Almost forgot about you there."
Music: Silvertide - Ain't Comin' Home
Browsing: I like my chemical wonder like I like my women; dark, rich, and scalding to the tongue.

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Now it's guitars, cadillacs, hillbilly music, lonely, lonely streets that I call home. It's the only thing that keep me hangin' on.
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