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11-30-2005 2:12 am
Thr4ll: Thanksgiving...yeah, sure...
Alright, I'm not going to be ugly. Here it goes... My aunt, whom my family hasn't seen in an age, came to thankgiving this year at my grandmother's house. She got very drunk and claimed that she had raised my cousin, who was also there, badly. This is untrue because she kicked said cousin and his brother, now dead, out of her house to take up with a pedophile. That was when he was 13 and the other cousin -who, if I may remind you, is now dead- was 9. Also, on a funny note, my cousin showed up with his very pregnant girlfriend. That was news to everyone. Happy Thanksgiving!


Mood: Guess
Music: Three 6 Mafia - I Gotta Stay Fly

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