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Here's my obligatory, annual Vent post (maybe I'll make it two this year). I wish everybody here was still as active as way back when, but what are you going to do...?

They actually made a Super Mario Bros. movie that isn't a god-awful abomination. It isn't really great either, but it doesn't suck, so that's something. And hey, The Last of Us TV series was actually pretty good - if I hadn't played the game already, I think it would have been very compelling television, but I sadly spoiled it for myself over ten years ago on the Playstation 3.

Anyway, hope everybody is having a passable 2023 thus far. Is everyone here officially old yet or what?

Oh yeah, there's a new Steve Thompson album about 90% done or so just sitting around. We started working on it a little over two years ago just as the songs Highwire and Cactus Frank were released. It's some kind of intersection of acoustic songwriter nonsense and synthesizer atmospheres. I think it's pretty solid, but it's not ready for release just yet... like I said, 90% there... I hope it's out by the end of 2023, cos sitting on the material is killing my psyche... and my libido, but that's another story.

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