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6-25-2019 5:13 pm
fuzmeister: This Is Me
According to Spotify at least...

Mood: Amused

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6-20-2019 8:14 pm
fuzmeister: Bystanders
BYSTANDERS is available NOW (as of two days ago)...

Apple Music
Google Play

I'm a little late to the party spamming it here, but rest assured this album is 2019's "Mr. Overby is Falling" for Vent. ;) <3 Nathan


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6-13-2019 3:14 pm
fuzmeister: New Orleans
You probably won't see this before the premiere, but check it out anyway.

My new album is out June 18 on Spotify, Amazon, Bandcamp, Apple Music, etc. etc. etc. It's called Bystanders.

I worked really hard on it for the past two years so even just listening to any of it means a lot to me.

Mood: Suspenseful

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6-25-2012 6:23 pm
fuzmeister: Kickstarter was a success
Well, I'm living proof that any schmuck can use kickstarter to successfully finance a creative project.

We ended at over 100% of our goal - very humbling. I am very grateful.

The final mastering session (which the project's engineer and I will attend) is scheduled for 7/24. That means the album should be released in August as planned. W00t!

Mood: Pleased
Music: The Clash - Rock The Casbah

Tags (beta): steve thompson music, kickstarter

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6-19-2012 2:02 pm
fuzmeister: Update on Kickstarter

Mood: Impressed
Music: John Lennon - Oh Yoko!

Tags (beta): steve thompson music, kickstarter

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