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7-18-2017 9:03 pm
fuzmeister: Semi-Annual Vent Post
Yeesh - This place has become a digital ghost town. I'm half-expecting tumbleweed animated GIFs to roll across the bottom of my screen.

Thanks a lot, Facebook, Twitter, and other assorted corporate-owned social media sites... I sometimes miss the old days of Vent.

Not often, but sometimes... Anyone else here still alive? A/S/L? * tap, tap tap * this thing on...?

Mood: Nostalgic
Music: Nirvana - Big Cheese

Tags (beta): vent

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8-24-2016 3:50 pm
fuzmeister: Hey-oh, fixed posting functionality
Not sure where the streams were originally crossed, but I seem to have got posting functionality working again.

Deleting posts is another story... one step at a time. ;)

Mood: Surprised

Tags (beta): vent, development

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1-07-2013 4:04 pm
fuzmeister: Another New Year
The more the years go on, the less Vent is being actively used - Just a little new year observation.

Why not make a resolution to post more frequently? Seems more realistic than other resolutions... then again...

Mood: Moderately Awake
Music: Tom Waits - Jockey Full of Bourbon

Tags (beta): vent

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1-04-2012 10:02 pm
fuzmeister: New Vent Theme
I got bored and decided to mess around with some CSS.

I'm not sure the rounded corners will work in older browsers, but I'm definitely digging this.

Mood: Visually Pleased

Tags (beta): vent, css

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11-23-2011 3:49 pm
fuzmeister: Post #805
So I've been on this site on and off for almost nine and a half years. Relative to the entire lifespan of the internet, that's quite a while!

I was just rereading some old entries from years ago and a lot of stuff has changed. I like reading bits where I talk about my now-wife in girlfriend terms. I also like seeing how my ambitions have changed and certain, older ones have withered and died.

I was just commenting this morning to a co-worker how I'd like to see a study done that measures the psychological health effects of people who are entrenched in a lifestyle of constantly using technology (AKA everyone this day in age).

I think that why I quit Facebook. I think after six years of using their site, they had me roped in psychologically. I would feel an almost primal urge to check the site anytime I opened a new browser window. Why? Conditioning probably. Who knows? I'm not saying it isn't good for some people, just not for me.

Anyway, I like Ventilation. I think microblogging (like twitter) and social networking sites have all but killed the activity around here over the past two or three years. It's ok - I'll still be here when you all get back.

Mood: Intrigued and Slightly Nostalgic
Music: Florence + The Machine - Breaking Down

Tags (beta): vent, philosophy, life in the so called space age

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