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2-08-2024 8:13 pm
Brandon: I broke some things.
While doing some security updates I broke Vent for a bit, sorry about that.

It should be working correctly again.

Testing: Would have caught this, probably

Tags (beta): sad trombone

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1-18-2024 4:54 pm
Brandon: Don
Just testing things.

Testing: is good dandori!
Mood: Nostalgic?
Mood: Eh

Tags (beta): a, b, music

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6-24-2022 8:22 pm
Brandon: The decline of the U.S.A.
This has been such a depressing year. I'm tired of seeing the most powerful nation on earth slowly becoming Gilead.

Fuck this whole fucking timeline.

Just vote. If you care about anything, just vote.

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4-19-2021 5:18 pm
Brandon: FLoCing
I've added a header that disables Google FLoC for this site.

Seemed like a decent thing to do.

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3-15-2021 5:27 pm
Brandon: One Year
It's been a year since I've been working from home due to the current pandemic.

It's been quite a ride. Not sure I'm used to it just yet. There are things I like about it and things I don't. I've worked harder than I ever have before. Spent way too many hours at my desk. I'm not a fan of the new normal. I've added a lot of items to my bucket list, all because being unable to do things makes you want to do them more, even if you may not have done them in the first place.

Being denied is a bitch.

I got my first dose of COVID-19 vaccine this past Saturday. So at least I have that going for me. Too many people think it's over, when it's most certainly not. Put your fucking mask on!

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