Nathan Tyree: Things I miss
I am doing my part to socially distance and I am happy to do it. I will take some pain to save lives. But, I miss some things. I am not a super social person. I don't really go to parties or out to bars so I thought that this would be easy. But, it turns out that there are things that I really miss doing.

I miss going to the movies. Yes, I watch a lot of movies at home but there is something communal and exciting about sharing a film with a large group of strangers that I just love.

I miss visiting with my nieces and nephews and playing with my grand-nieces. I love those kids, and I hate not seeing them.

Also, talking to people and playing with random dogs on our nightly walks.

Anyway, I miss things.

Oh - and given what Modern monetary policy suggests why aren't we just minting the damn coin?

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