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A post about death.
Demannu at 3-07-2009 10:10 pm
I went for a ride today... exploring back country roads. My bike got filthy. She's a dirty girl. Yeah. A dirty girl... Who's a dirty girl? She is.
Anyways, I came across a cemetery set back away from the road in the middle of a corn field. It's March, so of course the corn had been cut. Once the corn grows over a couple of feet, the graveyard will disappear from the road.

The majority of markers were toppled and/or broken. The ones I could read were all from the 1920's or earlier.

Nothing is permanent. Even markers. Don't let the permanent marker people lie to you.

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David () says:
It's always interesting to guess how these cemeteries end up forgotten.
nTYREE () says:
we picked one made of sandstone because it would erode.

sone haven't suffered.

they think that they matter
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