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Troubleshooting flowchart addendum
Demannu at 3-17-2009 5:16 pm

I was on my way to meet a girl at Chili's and was about halfway there when my bike died. It just died. No warning at all. It was just dead. I had power. It just wouldn't run. I waddled over to the side of the road and spent 10 minutes trying to get the bike to start again while other motorists happily drove by and stared. I finally got the bike to start, but it was running so roughly, it died as soon as I got it around the corner. At least I was off the main road this time. I spent another 10 minutes or so trying to get the bike to start. I had to set the idle screw in more tightly than I've ever set it before just to keep the bike running, and I started off for home. Once home, I parked the bike and drove my car up to Chili's. Later, after I relaxed at Chili's, I began to troubleshoot what went wrong with my bike. I checked the plug. It was covered in carbon. I put in a fresh plug and started the bike. It coughed and sputtered. Spark was good though, so I moved on to fuel. That's when I noticed that my choke lever had been pushed down... WTF? Apparently when I came to the stop sign and depressed the nuetral finder lever, my pants leg had caught on the choke lever and that is what killed my bike. So now, I have a new entry in my troubleshooting flow chart. Step 1: Am I stupid? If NO continue, if YES then check my freaking choke lever.

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Archimago () says:
I'm glad it was something simple.
David () says:
Glad to hear it was only the choke. I was getting very worried for your bike as I read this.

So, if you spent 20 minutes at the side of the road, and then turned around and got your late were you, and was she forgiving?
captpicard ("I aim to misbehave" Capt Reynolds (Serenity)) says:
I think anyone who does any real sort of mechanical work can relate to feeling like a moron over something stupid. two weeks ago myself and another electrican(with 8yrs more experience than me) spent four hours troubleshooting a problem only to find out that the circuit breaker had been out the whole time
captpicard ("I aim to misbehave" Capt Reynolds (Serenity)) says:
2-HeadedGiraffe (*(..)*) says:
I think anyone who does anything can relate to feeling like a moron over something stupid.
Demannu (<--- Eats Worms) says:
I called to tell her I'd be late. She was halfway through an electric lemonade. I picked up the bill. How could she not forgive?
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