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Holy Crap- Documentary Now
Archimago at 12-28-2016 4:55 am
I just discovered this. I love documentaries.
Apparently, so do Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, and Seth Meyers. They make parodies of famous documentaries that are straight up love letters to the originals. They are incredibly dry and unless you are familiar with the originals, most of the humor will be lost. Still, there isn't one that hasn't made me laugh out load at least once.
My must watch list so far:
Parker Gail's location is Everything. It's a spoof of Spaulding Gray's Swimming to Cambodia.
Juan Likes Rice and Chicken. A spoof of Hiro Dreams of Sushi.
Kanu Uncovered: A spoof of Nanook of the North.

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David () says:
They're all fantastic, but Kanu had me in tears. I really liked The Blue Jean Committee as well.
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