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Everybody is Faking It
Archimago at 8-21-2019 2:47 pm
The place I work for started developing websites. I’m on the web team.
We use wordpress. Everyone uses plugins for everything, even for simple things like a sticky menu.

I’m the only one on the team that even touches the FTP or the database.

I know that I don’t know enough. My JavaScript skills are basic. My PHP skills are a bit less than that. The only things I’m strong in are HTML and CSS.
Everyone else thinks we know plenty. In fact, my old boss left and started his own company building websites with zero coding knowledge.

I don’t think I could be that dishonest.

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Nathan Tyree (Overwhelmed by existential angst) says:
Sadly, most companies that build websites are just what you are describing. People who click buttons in wordpress. Basic javascript skills? You're head and shoulders above the rest.
fuzmeister (The Real ST) says:
"Fake it 'til you make it."
David () says:
Get your MEVN on.

Vue framework, Express on Node.js, with a MongoDB. That?s far enough removed from Wordpress to let you stretch, and will build on the JavaScript you already know.
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