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An Angry Beast with 70,000 heads
Archimago at 9-25-2019 7:12 pm
I went to the Cowboys Game. There were over 70,000 people there. About halfway through, I started watching the crowd. It began feeling like some lovecraftian beast. It made me very uneasy.

I went to the Phil Collins Concert. There were 20,000 people. I wasn’t bothered by it as much.

Was it because there were fewer people, or was it something else’s?

The crowd at the football game were tribal. They were cheering for their team while at the same time rooting for the failure of the other team.

The Phil Collins crowd were just there to enjoy Phil Collins. Maybe they would have seemed monstrous if they were rooting for the failure of Billy Joel.

I am speaking of these crowds as if I were an outside observer, but I was part of these crowds. Is that what caused my unease? Being part of something that you don’t agree with, but have no power to affect?

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David () says:
That and the Phil Collins crowd skewed about 15 years older on average.
Nathan Tyree (Overwhelmed by existential angst) says:
And, the Phil Collins fans have a slightly lower level of blood-lust.
fuzmeister (The Real ST) says:
I find myself very overwhelmed and nervous in large crowds, but not at concerts where there seems to be a unified sense of purpose even if for a fleeting moment in time.

How was Phil? He was just in Pittsburgh this week. I opted out of going due to the shift down in his vocal range as well as reading he basically sits in an office chair for most of the show.

Still love him though both solo and with Genesis - just don't want to spend the bones if it's not going to really knock my socks off...
Archimago () says:
He?s old. The vocal range isn?t there.
He?s still charming as hell.
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