Kick names, take ass.
6-14-2010 11:50 am
2-HeadedGiraffe: C'mon, People!
Seriously, like, why isn't anyone posting? Somebody post something, preferably something interesting.

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6-26-2009 3:03 am
2-HeadedGiraffe: Return of Celebrity Death Posts
Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson in the same day.

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6-19-2009 1:05 am
2-HeadedGiraffe: Fuck this Shit
Life really fucking sucks sometimes, you know that?

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6-18-2009 2:10 pm
2-HeadedGiraffe: Breaking News
This article I found on made me laugh a bit.

PETA Wishes Obama Hadn't Swatted That Fly
Associated Press

June 18, 2009 -- The group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wants the flyswatter-in-chief to try taking a more humane attitude the next time he's bedeviled by a fly in the White House.

PETA is sending President Barack Obama a Katcha Bug Humane Bug Catcher, a device that allows users to trap a house fly and then release it outside.

"We support compassion even for the most curious, smallest and least sympathetic animals," PETA spokesman Bruce Friedrich said Wednesday. "We believe that people, where they can be compassionate, should be, for all animals."

During an interview for CNBC at the White House on Tuesday, a fly intruded on Obama's conversation with correspondent John Harwood.

"Get out of here," the president told the pesky insect. When it didn't, he waited for the fly to settle, put his hand up and then smacked it dead.

"Now, where were we?" Obama asked Harwood. Then he added: "That was pretty impressive, wasn't it? I got the sucker."

Friedrich said that PETA was pleased with Obama's voting record in the Senate on behalf of animal rights and noted that he has been outspoken against animal abuses.

Still, "swatting a fly on TV indicates he's not perfect," Friedrich said, "and we're happy to say that we wish he hadn't."

Deputy press secretary Josh Earnest said the White House has no comment on the matter.

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3-14-2009 7:27 am
2-HeadedGiraffe: Today
Happy Pi Day!

Tags (beta): holidays, irrational mathematical constants

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