Kick names, take ass.
3-14-2009 7:27 am
2-HeadedGiraffe: Today
Happy Pi Day!

Tags (beta): holidays, irrational mathematical constants

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2-19-2008 4:23 am
2-HeadedGiraffe: I Almost Forgot!
Happy Presidents' Day, everyone.

Tags (beta): holidays, comic, bob in new boise

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12-25-2007 6:49 am
2-HeadedGiraffe: Something's Missing...
Oh, yeah. The obligatory post wishing everyone happiness on the anniversary of someone else's birth a few thousand years ago.

Jesus seems to me to belong to a similar type as Hercules. Hear me out.

1) Half-human, half-god
2) Power established through miracles or miraculous labors.
3) Killed by trusted companion.

Since I'm using the Wii to post, I'm unable to look up more, but those are what I can come up with off the top of my head.

Merry Christmas.

Mood: Festive...NOT!
Jesus: Christ
Hercule: Lees

Tags (beta): holidays, christmas, wii

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12-23-2007 7:52 pm
2-HeadedGiraffe: *%$#ing Bull&#*%!
My laptop needs a new screen, so it's going into the shop tomorrow. At the moment, I'm browsing the 'net and posting from my Wii. My older desktop is hooked up, but it lacks an Internet connection, since this room has nowhere to plug the cable in.

I've been working on the holiday story for Bob in New Boise, but I have no means of posting strips at the moment. Waa!

Really, I don't have anything else important to say, but I thought I'd make a post.

So ha.

Mood: Inwardly contemplative
Music: None
Etc.: Christmas Eve Eve

Tags (beta): computers, holidays, comic, bob in new boise

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10-24-2007 11:05 am
2-HeadedGiraffe: Sharing is Caring
Imagine my surprise to log onto Vent this morning and discover the Care Bears theme, which I'm assuming is Halloween (and rightly so; what could be scarier?). Nice work, B, though some of the stuff is somewhat hard to read, like where the purple text overlaps a blue or purple bear. Still, very cool.

This week and next, my comic is celebrating Halloween as well as the characters come to a peculiar revelation about the nature of their house. Check it out, yo (the first comic of the Halloween story is here, BTW.

Mood: Not bad
Music: Suicide is Painless
Favorite Holiday: Halloween
Price of Tea in China: ???

Tags (beta): care bears, comic, bob in new boise, holidays, halloween

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