dejaveux: ruht roh!
oh, barret, thank you for your words of wisdom. they make me feel much better. i consider you a true friend (i hope you dont mind) anyhow todays been better than most lately. school's being a pain in my ass though. (and coach) I am very! excited for the big show next weekend. it should be a blast.

word on the street is i have a secret admirer. thats cool. i dint believe it at first. who would like me? who knows. wouldnt that be cool though if i got like a secret gift or anonymous letter???

barret, how is the site coming? do you need any help with it. just holla my way if so. btw, I have another pic or two to add if possible.

oh yeah, I still think boys are dumb.....
okay fine...MOST boys are dumb (you happy, now??)

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