boat: beowulf....SUP!!?? Porkey...Sup?
my God man, it's not like I died..! I am beyond pissed that you saw the sound and the fury without me....okay, i'm over it. did you happen to get a CD? if so, for the love of God, and life itself, get me one or copy it, if it has Armageddens parade on it. and yes, i will have to come visit you sometime, i just forgot where in the hell your house was!
Pork, i was just kidding, i'm not too terribly upset...well, i'm not upset at all, i'm just hangin' the pooh on ya. i know your busy....or somethin'. i'll get in touch with the two of you guys sometime...before i die...or somethin'.

Mood: great
Music: nickleback

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