fuzmeister: Last Night
Two parts, separate dreams possibly...

First part... waiting at a train station in a run-down urban area late at night... a man approaches me with a large knife attempting to mug me. I ask him what kind of knife he has and, as he's trying to slash at me, I am able to not only force his hand away, but also slice through his neck entirely ultimately decapitating him.

Second part... cut to a modest, suburban rancher - no frills - I'm at some party with a bunch of strangers who somehow feel familiar. Katy Perry is there and we quickly hit it off as friends. After the night drags on, I lay down and am almost asleep when I see the red dots of laser sights multiply on the wall in front of me. Next, glass shattering! It's a raid by either special forces or a swat team. One of the guests volunteers himself to be taken away, but law enforcement ultimately arrests us all. Katy and I comment to each other on the situation as we are led away in handcuffs.

Later, I am in an outdoor area texting Katy Perry on my phone to see if she needs a guitar player on her next tour. I tell her it's not ideal for my tastes, but might be a good gig.

Mood: Intrigued
Music: Jimi Hendrix - 1983 ... (A Merman I Should Turn To Be)

Tags (beta): dreams

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