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2-24-2022 4:56 pm
fuzmeister: Last Night
Two parts, separate dreams possibly...

First part... waiting at a train station in a run-down urban area late at night... a man approaches me with a large knife attempting to mug me. I ask him what kind of knife he has and, as he's trying to slash at me, I am able to not only force his hand away, but also slice through his neck entirely ultimately decapitating him.

Second part... cut to a modest, suburban rancher - no frills - I'm at some party with a bunch of strangers who somehow feel familiar. Katy Perry is there and we quickly hit it off as friends. After the night drags on, I lay down and am almost asleep when I see the red dots of laser sights multiply on the wall in front of me. Next, glass shattering! It's a raid by either special forces or a swat team. One of the guests volunteers himself to be taken away, but law enforcement ultimately arrests us all. Katy and I comment to each other on the situation as we are led away in handcuffs.

Later, I am in an outdoor area texting Katy Perry on my phone to see if she needs a guitar player on her next tour. I tell her it's not ideal for my tastes, but might be a good gig.

Mood: Intrigued
Music: Jimi Hendrix - 1983 ... (A Merman I Should Turn To Be)

Tags (beta): dreams

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5-18-2011 2:51 pm
fuzmeister: The part I remember from last night
A black and white kitten was walking around the staircase in my house. It had a bottle of expensive cologne tied to its collar. It tripped and the bottle of cologne broke. The glass from the broken bottle sliced the kitten's throat open. The kitten bled everywhere, but I was more upset about the expensive cologne's bottle being broken.

Mood: Dreamy

Tags (beta): dreams

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11-20-2007 5:08 am
fuzmeister: Spine(s)
I had a dream the other night where I had two spines side-by-side, next to one another. I'm not sure what anatomical purpose this had, but it didn't seem to affect my ability to walk or anything.

I just ate a can of tuna with fat free ranch dressing - honestly a pretty good late night snack if you think about it... filling, low in fat, and pretty tasty.

I prepared three more demos to send out tonight - I feel happy just knowing that my music is getting out there to someone.

Mood: Fishy
Music: Radiohead - You and Whose Army?

Tags (beta): music, dreams, food

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