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6-08-2020 8:12 pm
fuzmeister: The Alan Parsons Project
I mean, really - how good were these guys? I recently starting binging some of the catalog again after stepping away for a few years...

More of a collective than a band per se, but DAMN: some excellent songwriting and, of course, the engineering is going to be on-point with Alan Parsons at the helm.

So sad that time basically forgot them save for a joke in Austin Powers and the entry music for the Chicago Bulls.

Of course, Eye in The Sky still gets regular rotation on all your classic rock/adult contemporary stations, I'm sure.

Mood: Progressively Pop
Music: Alan Parsons Project - Vulture Culture

Tags (beta): music

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4-23-2020 3:54 pm
fuzmeister: Phenomenon
Is there an official term for the phenomenon of feeling great sadness while being nostalgic?

I sometimes let my mind wander to how many micro changes in my life have led me to where I am today.

I think of people I was at one-time incredibly close with on a daily basis and now haven't spoken with for years.

I appreciate that change is a natural part of existence and usually I go with the ebb and flow of things, but, damn, sometimes it really just hits me hard.

Mood: Nostalgic?
Music: Billy Joel - This is the Time

Tags (beta): introspection

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4-17-2020 1:53 pm
fuzmeister: Changing Jobs
A show of hands - who else is completely overwhelmed any time they start a new job with a new company/organization?

I always forget what a stressful experience it is getting acclimated... or maybe it's just me.

Mood: Livin' on the Edge

Tags (beta): work

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1-03-2020 10:02 pm
fuzmeister: Modules and Custom User Settings
These seem broken currently.

Mood: Intrigued

Tags (beta): vent

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12-31-2019 7:05 pm
fuzmeister: We Had a Kid
With the impending new year upon us, why not take some time to reflect on all of life's milestones, trials, and tribulations that fell upon us in the year of our lord 2019...?

We had a kid a little over two months ago after being married for almost 11 years and together almost 15.

I've been going far out of my way to avoid posting anything on social media and such regarding the topic, but I figure why not share a snippet of news via Vent in the spirit of the coming new year.

I miss sleep. All of you people that do this more than once - God bless you; you're insane.

Mood: Reflective
Music: Genesis - Seven Stones

Tags (beta): life

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