JesusFreak: A funeral between classes = no fun
Today Andy died... and I am so sad. I really miss him. The way he always acted up when girls showed up... trying to let them all he how pretty he was. How I'd always just sit and watch him.. he was always so happy-go-lucky. That time that he almost died, but was saved..... How he would swim to the top of his bowl when I held up his food container. He was so sweet and docile... sniff sniff. I feel like I lost a son...Well.. he was suffering, so I am glad that he is with God now, and I'll see him soon. But in the meantime, I'm gonna go shopping to cheer myself up, get a haircut and new glasses.... maybe that'll help. Well...thanks for listening to my pity party...I miss you Andy!

Mood: Sniff sniff.... kinda lonely
Music: Somethin Jen is playing...kinda corny though

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