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4-28-2009 11:15 pm
fuzmeister: KFC
I have mixed feelings about eating at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Mostly due to this information. It's pretty tasty though.

Oh, the moral dilemma.

Mood: Hungry

Tags (beta): food

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4-08-2009 10:27 pm
fuzmeister: Dinner

Mood: Full of Pizza

Tags (beta): food

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3-05-2009 8:47 pm
fuzmeister: Excessive American Cuisine
Try to look at this without throwing up a little in your mouth. The sad thing is, it actually looks like it might be kind of tasty.

Mood: Tired
Music: The Mars Volta - El Ciervo Vulnerado

Tags (beta): food

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7-30-2008 7:10 pm
fuzmeister: Do you like... HOT DOGS?
Try these varieties if you enjoy tube steaks.

Mood: Disgusted, yet Hungry
Music: Medeski, Martin and Wood - Bubblehouse

Tags (beta): food

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11-20-2007 5:08 am
fuzmeister: Spine(s)
I had a dream the other night where I had two spines side-by-side, next to one another. I'm not sure what anatomical purpose this had, but it didn't seem to affect my ability to walk or anything.

I just ate a can of tuna with fat free ranch dressing - honestly a pretty good late night snack if you think about it... filling, low in fat, and pretty tasty.

I prepared three more demos to send out tonight - I feel happy just knowing that my music is getting out there to someone.

Mood: Fishy
Music: Radiohead - You and Whose Army?

Tags (beta): music, dreams, food

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