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8-24-2016 3:50 pm
fuzmeister: Hey-oh, fixed posting functionality
Not sure where the streams were originally crossed, but I seem to have got posting functionality working again.

Deleting posts is another story... one step at a time. ;)

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11-13-2014 4:37 pm
fuzmeister: Listening Statistics is a great tool for tracking listening statistics, but, often times, longer albums will naturally carry more weight for a user statistics often skewing statistically what a listener's actual favorite releases by a given artist might be. The concept of "album listens" or "actual favorites" is an attempt to rectify statistics and actually attempt to break down what a user's favorites might be (not simply what has been played the most).

The concept goes as such:
Overall Listens from Album / Tracks on Album = "Album Listens"

An example below shows two Pink Floyd albums - each has a very different number of tracks (one being a double album and the other having a mere five tracks). While "The Wall" has had significantly more listens due to the sheer scope of the album, "Wish You Were Here" checks out as being the album that was listened to more frequently!

Wish You Were Here
161 / 5 = 32.2

The Wall
547 / 26 = 21.04

I'd like to actually use the webservice and build a front end that does a comparison of overall plays vs. actual favorites.

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7-30-2008 4:35 am
fuzmeister: I'm a Statistics FREAK
So I'm playing around with the Vent code - specifically this page. I'm trying to add some relevant statistics to the page... however, I've run into an issue with SQL.

If you clicked that link you will notice the page is SLOW. That's because to find the post with the most comments (for the "most active post" column), I have it going through every post and basically if the amount of comments returned with the corresponding post number is greater than what's currently stored in the variable, I replace the variable. There has got to be a better way.

Is anyone aware of a way using SQL to return the the fields with the most occurrences of a like value? That would mean one query in the comments to get the post number that has the most...

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