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6-12-2019 3:33 pm
fuzmeister: I'm Heartbroken
I'm heartbroken.

The indifference of the majority of today's Americans is astounding to me. That being said, I'm also guilty.

I'm guilty of being part of the problem. I know I don't do enough. I may be "woke" to some extent, but I have my own microcosm of problems and issues. I'm not taking to the streets for my brothers and sisters in peril.

How do we fundamentally restructure how we address issues and events? How do we eliminate the callousness that permeates 21st century America? How do we eliminate the dividing line between rich and poor - between powerful and powerless?

I guess it starts with one person. It starts with me. It starts with you.

The odds are I'll continue doing some small things, but still mostly facing inward to a small circle of people.

I feel bad. I feel guilty. I'm not sure how we can really change anything though.

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12-25-2007 5:24 pm
fuzmeister: Objectification
Another Christmas has passed us over and, for that, I am quite happy. We're living in a society of apathetic idiots where the majority of holidays lost their true meaning years ago.

Spiritual or non-spiritual, religious or non-religious... everything's a wash. Cartoon mascots ease their way into our hearts prodding our wallets to spend on things we don't even truly understand.

And don't even THINK about not participating, because regardless of how "cool" people might be with it, they're not.

I strongly urge people to just not participate in such things. That is, unless you want an excuse to forget the purpose of them the rest of the year...

...or just a reason to see people you're related to and hate but don't have the guts to tell them you do.

Mood: Cynical
Music: Miles Davis - Sanctuary
Coming Soon: Why I Hate Trophies: An Overview

Tags (beta): christmas, society, stupid people, holidays

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